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Ford Motors Scoreboard and News (Week 12)

A Round up of all the action from Week 12 at Dubai Little League.

Junior Softball:

Aggies 10 – 4 Gators

Aggies jumped out to an early lead over the Gators and took home a 10-4 victory on Friday. Aggies scored on a single by Abigail, a single by Rebecca, and an in-park grand slam by sub, Aliza, in the first inning. Aggies scored five runs in the second inning. Farrah, Misha, Abigail, and Ariana all contributed in the big inning with RBIs. Farrah and Ariana paired in a double play at the top of the 2nd. Farrah was in the pitcher's circle for the Aggies. Marcela M started the game for Gators. The pitcher surrendered eight runs on two hits over two-thirds of an inning, striking out two. Anna came in at the bottom of the 3rd with 3 batters faced with zero hits, striking out two.

Aggies 8 – 1 Ducks

Aggies defeated the Ducks 8-1 thanks to a strong start. Abigail was on the rubber for the Aggies. The pitcher went one inning, allowing one run on zero hits and striking out one. Tasia was in the pitcher's circle for the Ducks allowing three hits and six runs over one and two-thirds innings, striking out three. The Ducks stole seven bases during the game as two players stole more than one. Norah led the way with two. Ilze led the way with four steals for the Aggies. The Aggies collected nine hits on the day. Abigail went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead the Aggies in hits. Quick thinking led to a double play at the top of the 2nd when Aggies’ Farrah caught a pop up and threw to third baseman Ilze getting the runner out at 3rd.

Subway Player of the Week: Way to go, Farrah Gamache! Farrah has been named this week’s Jr. Softball Subway Player of the Week! During her double header matches, she totalled four pop up outs, a line out, and was involved in two double plays. Her defensive skills have not gone unnoticed. Not only is Farrah a top defensive player, but she is also a key player on the mound. She has shown tremendous improvement with her pitching and her dedication and commitment has shown. Farrah is 10 years old and was born in Washington State but has lived her whole life in the Dominican Republic (7 yrs) and Dubai (3 yrs). She is in 5th grade at ASD. Farrah loves to ski, mountain bike, read, and play sports. This is her second year playing DLL Softball. Farrah is so happy to be part of the DLL family and the Aggies!

Senior Softball:

Tigers 15 - 9 Huskies

The Huskies struggled to put runs on the board and had a tough time defensively containing the Tigers, giving up 15 runs. The Tigers pulled away for good with five runs in the third inning. Keila Reque earned the win for the Tigers. The hurler went three innings, allowing one earned run on three hits and striking out four. The Tigers tallied nine hits on the day. Janna Nasr and Ruba Nasr each had multiple hits for the Tigers - including two doubles by Janna and a triple by Ruba. Bethlyn Whitehead took the loss for the Huskies. The pitcher allowed two hits and zero earned runs over two innings, striking out two and walking zero. The Huskies totalled seven hits. Ainsley Whitehead went 3-for-3 to lead the Husky offense.

Tigers 8 - 7 Crimson

The Tigers took the lead late and defeated the Crimson 8-7 on Friday. The game was tied at seven with the Tigers batting in the bottom of the fifth when Maxine Marahay drew a walk, scoring one run. The Tigers collected 15 hits including a double by Charlotte Whitnell. Kinza Bokhari, Bella Boson, Whitnell, Ruba Nasr, and Anaka Brawn all collected multiple hits. Bokhari led the Tigers with three hits in three at bats. Keila Reque earned the win for the Tigers. Reque surrendered three runs on two hits over three innings, striking out four. Mikoto Kumano went 2-for-3 at the plate and belted a triple to lead the Crimson offense. The Crimson stole ten bases during the game as four players stole more than one - Grace Hofmann, Mila Looten, Clara Rice and Quilia Ho.

Defensive Player of the Week: Congratulations to Ruba Nasr (Tigers) on being named the Defensive Player of the Week. In addition to having an amazing day at the plate (going 4-for-6 with a triple), Ruba made crucial infield plays late in the game to keep the Tigers in the chase versus the Crimson.

Subway Player of the Week: Congratulations to Kinza Bokhari (Tigers) on being named the Senior Softball Subway Player for Week 12. Kinza went 4-6 with 6 runs scored and 3 stolen bases. Kinza is a junior at Sharjah American International School and has been playing softball at DLL for the past 7 years.

Senior Baseball:

Dodgers 6 - 3 Astros

The Astros got to off to an early lead when Mattia Sparacino singled on a 2-0 pitch, scoring Uli Henderson from third. The Astros continued to score and ended the first inning on the 5-run rule after Kai Chapleski reached on an error by the shortstop scoring 2 more runs. Collin Bianchi took the loss for the Dodgers, but pitched solidly for 4 innings giving up no earned runs and striking out 8 Astros, after the rough start in the first inning when he gave up 3 earned runs. Ollie Duthie came on in relief in the 6th inning and gave up no hits and 1 walk, while striking out 4.

Jack Chapleski was on the mound for the Astros, and went 4 innings, allowing 1 hit to Ollie Duthie, and zero runs while striking out 8 and walking 1. Mattia Sparacino came on in relief and went 3 innings striking out 7, walking 1 and giving up no earned runs, 1 hit to Mikhail Choudry and 1 unearned run. The pitching combo gave up only 2 hits in the outing. Sparacino led the Astros with 2 hits, and 3 total bases.

Men's Dodgers 6 - 3 Giants

Giants Seniors got things moving in the first inning, when Ben Anderson's sac fly scored one run for DLL - Giants Seniors. The men's Dodgers this week did not display stellar defence like they did the week before. DLL Mens Dodgers pulled away for good with three runs in the third inning. Jibran Murtaza started the game for Giants Seniors. The righthander went three innings, allowing three runs on four hits and striking out three. Anderson threw three innings out of the bullpen. Noah McFadzean led Giants Seniors with two hits in two at bats. Unfortunately Noah had to leave the game due to injury. Wish you speedy recovery Noah.

DLL Mens Dodgers totalled nine hits..

Subway Player of the Week: Congratulations to Mattia Sparacino on being named the Subway Player of the Week for week 12. He was 2 for 3 at the plate including a double off the CF fence. Mattia displayed great hitting and pitched really well, gave up 1 hit in 3 innings and struck out 4 batters.

Intermediate Baseball:

Dodgers 16 - 6 Red Sox

Dodgers Defeat Red Sox In High-Scoring Game, 16-6

Both pitching staffs had their hands full on Saturday in a high-scoring affair where the Dodgers bested the Red Sox, 16-6. The Dodgers smacked one home run on the day. Zach Durben went deep in the first inning. The Dodgers put up five runs in the fourth inning. The offensive firepower by the Dodgers was led by Santiago Fatas, Albie, and Owen Green, all sending runners across the plate with RBIs in the inning. The Red Sox scored three runs in the sixth inning. Eric Karschies, Owen Tuttle, and Mahdi Mroueh all contributed in the big inning with RBIs.

Zach Durben earned the win for the Dodgers. The hurler went three innings, allowing zero runs on one hit, striking out eight and walking zero. Billy Fordyce, Nathaniel Anderson, and Noah Trudeau all put in work in relief out of the bullpen, steering their team towards the victory. Jacob Claver was on the pitcher's mound for the Red Sox. Claver lasted three innings, allowing four hits and five runs while striking out five. Connor Hall and Sam Claver entered the game as relief, throwing two innings and one-third of an inning respectively. The Dodgers tallied 14 hits on the day. Green, Zach D, and Nathaniel all managed multiple hits for Dodgers DL . Nathaniel, Zach D, and Green each collected three hits to lead the Dodgers. Green led the Dodgers with five stolen bases, as they ran wild on the base paths with 23 stolen bases. The Dodgers were sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. Aiden Zoretic made the most plays with seven.

The Red Sox collected ten hits on the day. Eric Karschies and Owen Tuttle each had multiple hits for the Red Sox. The Red Sox didn't commit a single error in the field.

A's 6 - 0 Braves

Three Pitchers Work Together To Earn Victory For Athletics Against Braves In No-Hitter

The Athletics three pitchers didn't allow a single hit, as Athletics Intermediate defeated Braves 6-0 on Saturday. Kima Sepic struck out Zach Swartz to get the last out of the game. The Athletics secured the victory thanks to four runs in the third inning. Cohen Miller, Tysei Marou, Ryu Asano, and Nyle Chaudhry powered the big inning with RBIs. In the first inning, the Athletics got their offense started when Tysei singling on the first pitch, scoring one run. The Athletics put up four runs in the third inning. The big inning was driven by singles by Cohen, Tysei, and Ryu and a groundout by Nyle.

Cohen led things off on the hill for the Athletics. The righty allowed zero hits and zero runs over three innings, striking out nine. Mathew Yeh was on the mound for the Braves. Mathew surrendered five runs on eight hits over three innings, striking out four and walking zero. Suliman threw three innings in relief out of the bullpen. The Athletics tallied 12 hits. Ayaan C, William B, Kima, Cohen, Ryu, and Tysei each had multiple hits for the Athletics. Tysei, Ryu, Cohen, Kima, William, and Ayaan all had two hits to lead the Athletics.

Subway Player of the Week: Congratulations to Zach Durben on being named the Subway Player of the Week.

Minors Baseball:

Dodgers 6 - 4 Yankees

Dodgers defeat Yankees in close match stay at the top of the rankings.

In the 1st inning, Dodgers started off by efficiently scoring 3 runs with 4 walks and a single. Yankees scored back in the bottom of the 1st with a run bring back a runner on a walk with a double hit by Diego Ghosh. Yankees then scored 3 runs in the 2nd inning with a walk and impressive 3 consecutive singles to take the lead but in the 3rd inning Dodgers scored back 2 runs through Owen Greene’s homerun made up from a defensive error, and 2 singles to take back the lead. Dodgers also added a crucial run in the 4th inning with from a base hit by Liam Zoretic. In the final inning, Yankees had a runner in scoring position but Owen Greene managed to close the game without allowing any runs to take the win.

Braves 12 - 3 Royals

Braves take the game with a big early lead to keep them tied at top of the rankings. Braves started off scoring 5 runs in the 1st inning knocking out Royals starting pitcher, with 4 singles and 3 walks. Braves added 3 runs in the 2nd inning through multiple errors, despite Grayson Corbin pitching well. Braves continued to score 4 runs in the 4th inning making the game one-sided giving away 15 hits. Multiple fielding errors by the Royals and lack of hits costed them the game.

Subway Player of the Week: Congratulations to Yankees player Everett Ely. Everett had his first base hit of the season, strongly hit to the outfield and played 2B throughout the game.


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