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Nora Heath - Throwing the First Pitch!

Nora Heath, age 8, throws the first pitch of the Senior Softball Game 2 Crimson vs Tigers.

Continuing our recognition of our young softball players, this past weekend we had another young talent, Nora Heath, age 8, throwing the first pitch of the senior softball game. Nora was born in Dubai and she is currently a 3rd grader at ASD. She calls Rice Lake, Wisconsin home and she has been in DLL for 4 years. Other than softball, she enjoys baking, skateboarding, biking, LEGO, Minecraft, audiobooks, and playing at the park.

Joining Nora are two of the oldest players in Senior Softball: Tiger's Kinza Bokhari (age 17) and Haruka Katsura (age 17) from the Crimsons.

Catching for Nora is Gretchen Hofmann. Returning to the fields from Northeastern University and subbing for Crimson is former DLL Catcher, Gretchen Hofmann (age 18).


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